Integrated Marketing & PR Strategies for Special Events

Melody’s Ad Works, Inc. specializes in integrated marketing and public relations strategies that utilize traditional, digital and social media to reach  the client’s objectives. A look at our list of awards is proof that our research, statistical analysis and execution of the campaign is effective.

Awards are a nice validation. In the Advertising and Marketing world, however, awards are often awarded to the clever and unique campaigns that may cause a buzz, get the greatest viewership during the Super Bowl, or create an icon like a Budweiser lizard. In the end, a campaign is only successful if it sells product, sells a service, sells the client – or in the event world – sells tickets.

For this reason we are proud of the IFEA awards we have won through the years. This is a competition that demands MEASURABLE results as does our client.  The IFEA awards are a team effort between the client – The Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival, and Melody’s Ad Works, Inc. While we create and execute the campaign, audit the results and provide all data and supporting documentation, it is the team at the Festival who creates the award entry, assembles the packages, and delivers a professional portfolio to the judges. Without measurable results – data that proves the campaign reached the desired DMA, engaged the targeted media, and produced improved ROI with attendees – there would be no IFEA Award.

Which takes us back to an Olgivey mantra – Great Advertising sells the product.

In the digital age of ever-increasing “it” social media platforms, the new Mantra is “PR & Marketing sell the product” – or in this case – the tickets. Some call it PR 2.0.  Public Relations was often thought as the “fluff” or “free advertising” – especially in the event world. Many events have used PR as the only form of marketing – short of the flyers posted around a town.

At Melody’s Ad Works, Public Relations has always been a part of our integrated campaigns – largely because we work with small budgets and non-profits. These budgets require leveraging all forms of “free advertising” and marketing, with sponsorships and advertising buys. It requires 3rd party participation, and added value from our advertising partners. Creating a “buzz” has always been a strategy – long before it was measured by “likes” and engagement on social media.

For any event that hopes for a future –  developing a “community” of loyal engaged fans for the event should be a primary goal in the marketing strategy. Whether this community is sought through Facebook, e-mail subscribers, blogs, twitter or snail mail, all events need to “capture” the data of their attendees, maintain it and continue to communicate with their attendees throughout the year.

Melody’s Ad Works Inc began developing these communities for the events it promotes in 2008 with the development of email subscribers and blogs.  We saw the changes on the horizon as newspapers folded, and media consolidated.  A successful event promoter knows all of the  niche  communities that make up their loyal fans. These fans become  advocates who spread the word about the event and develop the FOMO – FEAR OF MISSING OUT.

In 2010 our Social Media Campaign for the Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival won a “Best New Promotion Award,” while creating a Facebook page that generated “likes” from fans equal to 10% of the attendance in just 8 weeks. Three years later, the fan base is 33% of the annual attendance with 60% of the fans engaged during the weeks before the Festival.  Viral impressions through mentions and posts are more than 10 times the fan base. And yes, the campaign sells tickets and meets Festival goals.

Success to all events is MEETING ATTENDANCE and REVENUE goals. Success to Melody’s Ad Works, Inc – is meeting our client’s goals. It’s why we have promoted the Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival for 18 years and the Temecula Bluegrass Festival, Street Painting Festival and Western Days for 14 years.

Can we help you meet your goals?