Charitable Work

Melody Brunsting served as chairman of the Temecula Chamber of Commerce Building Committee, chairman of Temecula Celebrate the Spirit, Temecula Vote Smart Campaign 2001, Temecula CRC, Theater Foundation, HEART Foundation, Musician’s Workshop and the Temecula Town Association.

The Temecula California web site is provided free by Melody’s Ad Works along with many of the non-profit organizations in the Temecula Valley.

Her firm has also provided the Theater Foundation with a web site and management of that site since 2000. She has also donated over $70,000 in services to the Foundation since its inception, and served as a founding board member for that organization. Prior to her charitable work for the Foundation, she donated all of her public relations and marketing services to the CRC Foundation, an organization that raised funds for the building of the Temecula Community Recreation Center.

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